Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Q. Where is Mag Engines based and where do you ship from?
    A. Mag Engines is based in most predominant country of middle east, United Arab Emirates and we ship from Dubai/Sharjah.
  • Q. What countries do you ship to?
    A. We ships: Worldwide (except exclude locations), Exclude locations – APO/FPO, IRAN, KOREA (North), KOSOVO, NARAU, RUSSIA, SOMALIA, SOMALILAND, SOUTH SUDAN, SUDAN, ST. BARTHELEMY, ST. EUSTATIUS, SYRIA, TIMOR-LESTE, TOGO, TONGA & PO Box.
  • Q. How long will it take to get my item?
    A. Usually it will take 4 to 7 business days to arrive the product depends on your location. Some countries may vary the delivery time.
  • Q. When will you dispatch the item?
    A. We will dispatch with 5 business days after receiving cleared payment.
  • Q. How much does it cost to ship to my country?
    A. To get an estimate of how much it costs to ship to your location, click to “Add to cart / Calculate Shipping” and enter your shipping location.
  • Q. What is the condition of this item?
    A. For item condition, Please see “Condition:” in Item description column.
  • Q. How can I check the compatibility of the required part?
    A. Most of the parts on our website are listed with their part numbers and brief description. Please ensure that you must have the correct part number that you need for your vehicle. If you do not have the part number then kindly send us a VIN / Chassis number via Email or WhatsApp message to ensure that you are buying a correct replacement for your vehicle.
  • Q. What is the return policy?
    A. We doesn’t accept returns until and unless stated. Refer to our “Return Policy” tab.
  • Q. Do I have to pay the Custom Duty & Taxes?
    A. Yes, Custom Duty & Taxes are applicable and payable at the time of delivery. These charges are not consider as additional shipping charges. For more information, please refer to our “Terms and Conditions” page.
  • Q. What are OEM Auto Parts?
    A. The acronym “OEM” stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, which means that the auto part is manufactured by the auto maker of your vehicle. In contrast to after market parts, OEM auto parts are made specifically for your make and model vehicle.
  • Q. Is it okay to use Aftermarket Auto Parts?
    A. After market auto parts are not only equally-effective, they are cost-effective as well. When refurbished properly, they work just as well but cost less than brand new parts. So as long as you purchase your after market auto parts from a reliable vendor, they should be a sufficient and affordable alternative to OEM auto parts.
  • Q. What is Refurbished Auto Parts?
    A. A refurbished auto part is a used auto part that has been professionally Re-manufactured back to new working condition according to industry standards. Re manufactured auto parts generally come with warranties.
  • Q. What is difference between Re-manufactured, Refurbished & Rebuild Auto Parts?
    A. “Re-manufactured” and “refurbished” are terms used synonymously with one another in the automotive industry, so they mean the same thing. Rebuilt parts, on the other hand, are non-vital parts or components taken from other vehicles for the purposes of rebuilding and repairing a defective part in your vehicle. Examples include nuts, bolts, bearings, piston rings, and rods.
  • Q. Is buying Used Auto Parts a smart way to save money?
    A. Yes! Especially if you require a very expensive auto part, such as an engine or catalytic converter, choosing to purchase used parts is a wise choice that can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Even if you need small or simple parts, like tail lights and tires, buying used parts can be a suitable and cost effective alternative to new parts. Just be sure to choose a reliable auto parts store that has been in business for several years.